Sunday, 21 August 2011

I finished off two little projects today.

This vintage clover botanical came from the wonderful Graphics Fairy

The frame was previously gold (ew, I really hate gold these days) so I painted it off-white.  I covered a board with a fabric that is a textured woven cotton blend, then transferred the image onto pure unbleached cotton.  I covered a smaller board with the image and then glued crocheted cotton lace around the boarder.

Love how it turned out!  It hangs in my
insanely girly guest room which I used to read in last night when I couldn't sleep and my God, it's so peaceful and cosy and wonderful in there and I feel so grateful that I was able to refinish that whole room for fifty dollars.

This is a grocery store plastic bag and vegetable bag holder.  My other half calls it a bag-bag.  The vintage balsamic vinegar ad comes once more from The Graphic Fairy.  We don't use many of these type of environmentally unfriendly bags anymore but they fit perfectly in my kitchen garbage can and they're free and we'd be buying plastic liners anyway so whatever.

Since I am ridiculously organized, I stuff the vegetable bags at the top, and the grocery store bags at the bottom so there's no putzing around to find the kind I need.


  1. i love your style! and your bag-bag is so chic! :) was that a fabric or did you print it on yourself?

  2. I love your blog! The bag, bag is very clever!