Friday, 3 May 2013

Ruffled Lamp Shade Makeover With Tutorial

I wanted to change these lamp shades to the more up to date drum shape, but I can't find any that are cheap enough. 

I decided to revamp them to tide me over until I find a sale, so I spent a few hours making them look ruffled.

Here's the before:

You can see how I did it after the cut.

First I would like to say that it takes a lot of fabric to do this.  I was given huge, huge amounts of off-cut fabrics from a factory that makes linens, so I can do projects that take crazy amounts of fabric and not think about cost.   The strips I have are 16 inches wide, and 72 inches long, and I used two and a half for each shade.

So to do this, cut out a ton of circles. They don't need to be perfect, so don't fuss with them.

Fold the circle in half, then in half again, and put a tiny dot of hot glue about 1/4 inch from the point.

Place your index finger and thumb in the folds and squeeze the fabric together, like so, to bond the edges:

Add another dot of glue to the tip.

Stick to the lamp shade.

 Alternate the direction of the folds, having some place vertically and some horizontally.


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