Sunday, 19 May 2013

Backyard Transformation

It all started with a new fence. That inspired me to transform the backyard and give it some love for a change. It has been a neglected mess for years on end and I haven't cared. Every day for the past two weeks minus the weekends, I got out there at about 6:30 am and did stuff and things for six to eight hours without a break which caused me to collapse onto the couch with four Tylenol with codeine and a screaming back.

I put in brick trim around the above garden, dug out the tired soil and added fresh black earth mixed with peat moss and then I trimmed the periwinkle with scissors stem by stem and planted portulaca. 

 I ripped apart the circular rock garden from the front yard, hauled a metric ton of rocks to the back yard, reassembled the garden, filled it with fresh earth and planted a bleeding heart, flocks and some stuff I don't know the name of which is a perennial.


I edged this garden with brick and hauled a butt load of rocks to cover the ground under the cedar to the right of the shed which I trimmed and tied up because the winter had flattened it. I planted a bunch of pots with lobelia, begonia, marigold and some basil in the larger pot. I planted nasturtium in the window box

I'll be repainting the deck and I replaced some of these flipping heavy flagstones on the walkway which had started to crumble.

  I edged this garden with brick, threw down fresh black soil and sowed wild flower seed, trimmed back the lilac a lot, and planted more nasturtium in the cement urn thingum. I got down on my hands and knees and dug out a butt load of weeds on the lawn. Butt. Load. Then I reseeded the lawn.

Not shown is an area where the hose is wound up and I put down and leveled some flagstones that had to have weighed thirty pounds each at the very least. Mud be gone under that damn hose, praise the Lord.


I planted cherry tomatoes in the pot behind the rock garden and scrubbed the bird bath and transplanted a hosta beside it.

On Friday I went to my ex's house and dug a new garden and transplanted my son Justin's raspberry bushes and confiscated an antique phone for payment.

Stay tuned for the front yard transformation!


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