Friday, 24 June 2011

Recipe Binder - Finally!

For years and years I have been wanting to put together a decent recipe binder. I have recipes jotted down on all sorts of scrap paper, some of them are illegible. I have some printed neatly by hand on recipe cards in a box and I have some printed out on computer paper and stuffed in a drawer. Some of them are stained with oil or chocolate or a hundred other things you find in a cupboard or the ink has smeared. A lot of my newer recipes were saved on my computer so I was dragging my laptop into the kitchen and hoping I didn't spill molasses onto the keyboard.

Finally! Yesterday! I did it! I done made me a decent recipe binder! That is pretty!


Front cover.  I'm Canadian, I'm allowed to use a U.

Back cover.

Even the pages are pretteh!

I found a website that has ancient volumes of botanical illustrations and picked out two that I loved and printed them on card stock, then inserted them into a basic binder. I cropped one of the illustrations for the spine of the binder and used that same image in black and white on each recipe page. Each recipe is in a page protector, safe from messy me. I found thin plastic dividers by Avery in pretty pastels to group the recipes. It's freaking perfect!

This binder makes me so ridiculously happy and smiley faced every time I see it!

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