Monday, 27 June 2011

Fabric Kindle Cover

I made this Kindle book style cover using a shoe bag by April Cornell which I got free for spending buckets of money at her Montreal shop, and which I had no use for.  I love the fabric to death and had tucked it away knowing I would find a use for it at a later date.

I machine quilted the fabric all around the edges of the flowers and leaves to give it some stability and inserted some pliable plastic inside the cover. I finished it with picot edged lace.

I had made this zipped Kindle sleeve first and then realized that Kindles are on the slippery side to hold when I'm reading in a bubble bath, so I decided to make the book style cover.  

I use the zippered sleeve for the multitude of techno connecters I accumulated from all the gadgets I have around here.  Someone needs to invent a universal connector cable, seriously.  Ideally, everything in the world should be wireless, also seriously.



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