Monday, 23 September 2013

Altered Mini-Suitcase to Nail Polish Storage Case

I altered a dollar store cardboard mini suitcase into a box to hold my nailpolish. I covered it using a wrinkled Taiwanese newspaper my son sent me which was used to wrap a breakable item. The dragonflies are images I found, printed and painted using watercolours, then I applied glitter to the wings.  Everything was set into place using Mod Podge.

My son had a seal made with my name on it, and that is stamped in the lower left hand corner. Seals are used to 'sign' your name on official documents in China and Taiwan, and no two are alike, even if you have the same full name as a thousand people. Fun fact!

I told my son that I chose to believe that the Chinese writings were all thought provoking or spiritual articles, but it's actually the classified section and contains ads for iPhones and Honda Civics. Ha!

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  1. I love this Linda - how creative you are !!!!
    Have a great day ( it's gorgeous here in Montreal :)