Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Felt Needle Holder Books

I saw these on Pinterest and decided to make one for myself and one for my mother.  They were made with scraps of felt I had in my stash. 

I would have liked to have had a better choice of colours, but the dang fabric store near me closed, and now it's a huge deal to get to one.  Also, when I decide to do something, I need to do it *now*, and that means using what's around the house.


  1. Linda,
    Both your felt cover books look awesome.
    The fabric store in my town closed down also last year, so I totally understand about it being a hassle to get to one. The nearest decent one is over an hour away.
    Even though your colors were scraps, I think they blend nicely. :0)

  2. Lovely! Who knew scraps would look so good?!

  3. These look gorgeous!! They are so adorable and I love how the colour combination works!!
    Have a fantastic week!!
    Best wishes from Australia:)

  4. Too cute! I could really use one of these. I love how yours turned out!

  5. Beautiful!!! I especially like the middle one. I know what you mean about having to sew *now*.