Thursday, 21 June 2012

Bottled Photo

I have been wanting to display this photograph of my parents on their wedding day, so I decided to stuff them over rocks in a bottle with a cork stopper.  I started thinking about how old this jar is, but if I told you how long I've had the set, I would be giving away how very, very old I am.

I gathered up some very old silver which is tarnished beyond belief, and which I love that way.  My mother left the tray here and it's been sitting forgotten under my kitchen sink, and to think how close I came to throwing it away!  

I think the heart shaped trinket box is just so perfect with a photo of the day you promised to love and cherish your sweetheart forever!  The box is another item I almost got rid of too, so it really does pay to be a hoarder, no matter what anyone tells you to the contrary.  It's as though something was telling me to save all of these things, that they were meant to be grouped together someday.

My parents are going to love what I've done with their photo!


  1. That is a lovely and heartfelt arrangement you've created!


  2. sweet idea, it looks great! I have some old photos of my grandmothers I think would look great displayed like this!


  3. Lovin' the photo bottle idea. Nice display with the b/w and silver theme - Very pretty!

  4. What a great idea and your vignette is lovely!

  5. Hey there, I found you on the craftgrrl community on LJ, so I've followed you here if that's okay. You make such lovely things!