Monday, 14 May 2012

How to make your own (cheap) fabric mats for picture framing.

I framed this print today.  I found this image I loved and printed it onto thin cotton fabric using my ink jet printer, and made a mat using fabric and ribbon.  My father custom made the frame for me years ago and when I tired of the needle work that was in it, I decided to make up my own mat because they're expensive to have cut to size at the framing shop where I live.

To print an image onto cotton,  tape your fabric onto cardstock, and insert it into your feed tray.  I simply inserted the image into a Word document and resized it. You need to use thin fabric to do this or you'll jam up your printer.

 Remove your print from the cardstock.  Choose your mat fabric, measure out the print, find the center and draw out a rectangle onto the center using that measurement.  I used a 90 degree angled ruler for this.

Cut an X in the center of your rectangle, extending straight into the corners.

Iron the edges straight across paying close attention to the corners.

 Center and pin your print to the opening you just ironed.

 Sew all around, close to the edge, then trim off the excess around the edges on the wrong side.

 For the next steps, you'll need any kind of spray adhesive.

 Cut out a piece of stiff cardboard or backing board the size of your frame.  Center your print onto the board, carefully fold your print in half, and spray some glue onto the exposed board. 

Smooth down your print, then fold the unglued side back and repeat the process, making sure your print is nice and flat.

Lay your print face down and spray glue all around the edges and smooth down the excess fabric, cutting the corners on an angle.

Spray glue down one inch wide ribbon all around the edges of the print if you like, or leave it as is.

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  1. Wow useful idea! Your picture now looks like an expensive one! Excellent.