Monday, 5 March 2012


I sewed this pillow over the weekend, you can find my tutorial here.

Instead of the rounded petals shown in the tutorial, these come to a point at the tip. The width of the petals is the same, but they are one and a half inches longer for the large petal, and one inch longer than the small petal shown in the pattern for the rounded version.  There is only one round of small petals used in this version, rather than two rounds used in the rounded petal version.

I also made the ruched larger pillow which is behind the sunflower.  I used the dimensions of a regular pillow sham and measured out the front piece two and a half times the length of the back and then gathered the upper and lower edges using a basting stitch.


  1. Just found your blog on Saturday.... LOVE IT I too am from Canada.. (Nova Scotia) but living in Florida... absolutely love this pillow.. I will definitely be trying it... Keep up the good work. Flora

  2. I am in love with this one too! :D Wow!

  3. Nossa essa ficou ainda amis linda do que a outra eu amei muito fofa, obrigada pela atenção e por me passar as medidas!

  4. Wow, just seen your tutorial for the round pillow. Absolutely LOVE IT! The pointy one is just as lovely.

    I'm going to be a new follower of yours to keep up with what you're doing.

    Again, love your tutorial, you did a great job putting it together. Very easy to follow. Can't wait to make one of these. Look forward to seeing more of your crafty-ness.

  5. love it, it's is beautiful in all white, which my daughter would LOVE. I think I'll try one for me in 'sunflower' colors! thanks for the photo!

  6. Oooh! Now you've got me all confused, do I make the rounded flower or the sunflower - they're both gorgeous!