Monday, 12 March 2012

Kitchen Plaque

I saw this idea at a link party recently. The plaque said 'Pantry' on it but since I have an area of damaged wall in my kitchen that I've been wanting to camouflage, I decided to change it up and here she be:

I found a scrap of rough and rustic wood in my father's  workshop and all I did to it was dust it off well.

I bought my cutlery at the dollar store ($4 for 12 pieces), arranged the placement until I liked how the utensils looked, and then I glued them down with guess what?  Silicone caulking for tub and tiles, the invisible kind.   There are a bunch of better glues to use I'm sure, but this is what I found in the workbench, it was free, and it works!

Use whatever hardware you like to hang, and you're done.


  1. Love the idea and keeps me mindful to keep some of my dad's nuts and bolts. Just wondering if you how you get you handle on all your pics. I would like to do the same. Thanks, Ang

  2. How ingenious, looks great and an easy to follow idea.. like all the best ones are... lovely blog, love reading it..

  3. Tres cool! Glad you've put a direct link from Rav!