Friday, 12 February 2016

Baby Carriage Gift Wrap

This Baby Carriage gift wrapping was crafted with paper and stitched on a sewing machine.  This size carriage will accommodate a newborn baby sweater, booties, socks or a headband.

I simply found an image of this carriage and as you can see, you need to know how to draw two circles to make this.  I know what you're thinking - hard.  So make a template by drawing a circle that's 12 inches in diameter.   Draw two circles that are 6 inches in diameter and you got wheels.  Now cut your 12 inch circle into pacman.  Still hard?

Leaving pacman's mouth open, stitch around the carriage and stitch spokes on the wheels.  Stuff your baby gift in there and stitch the remaining edges.

Decorate however you like, and you've got game.  You just won at cutest baby wrapping ever and that mom is going to get gooshy when you give this to her.

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