Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Travel Bags

I sewed this set of travel bags using some vintage sheets that my boyfriend's mother gave me.  She had held on to them since the '70s. Love. Them. The top sheet was pristine but the fitted sheet was threadbare in areas.

There is a duffle bag that holds tall items, a cosmetic bag, a bag that I use to hold jewelry, and a tissue holder.

I machine quilted all around the flowers to give the fabric some structure and lined all the bags.  I drafted my own patterns. 

I'm planning to make a zippered bag at some point, large enough to hold adequate clothing for a weekend getaway, I travel light.

Friday, 23 September 2011

50s Housewife Style Apron

I sewed this cute apron today using a pattern I drafted, tracing around a small bowl to achieve the tulip edging.  I chose three fabrics that look similar to April Cornell designs after seeing one of her too expensive for me aprons at a shop.

It really makes me feel like whipping up a batch cookies, but not so much like scrubbing the kitchen sink.

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Chinese Lanterns

These made me happy today for a few reasons.  They had been growing against a fence for decades, and then two years in a row, bugs got to them and ate the leaves in early summer, not allowing them to bloom.  I dug them out of the garden and this year, they surprised me by creeping over to the garden swing and setting up shop there, much to my delight.

They served to cheer me today, and remind me that sometimes the sick and downtrodden are stronger than we give them credit for.  It made me realize that there are times we just shouldn't give up hope.  That there are times that things can work out well in the end, when we least expect them to.

Fall Wreath

I made up this fall wreath using leaves from a Dollar Store, acorns I collected during a walk in a tree lined path, and a vine wreath that had been decorated previously, and which I dismantled.

The cost to make this was $3.00, yay for cheapness.

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Tinkerbell Knitting Tote

I sewed this Tinkerbell tote last night, this is what I do with insomnia.  It's just what I needed for carrying larger projects like sweaters.  I lined it using the same fabric used for the handles and upper edge trim.  This was leftover fabric from a chemise I made a few weeks ago.

I found this image of Tinkerbell and printed it onto 100% pure cotton and then stitched it onto the tote fabric, outlining her wings.

I love her. I guess I never grew up.