Saturday, 28 May 2011

Mason Jar Lid Inserts

I printed up these Mason jar lids for my jellies and jams.  I found free software to download  on the Avery website over here, found images I liked, produced the labels, and then printed them out on recycled unbleached file folders.

I covered both sides of each label with clear two inch tape and then cut them out, this makes them washable and reusable.

I liked them so much that I made some for spices, pasta, and baking ingredients that I store in Mason jars.

Hardcover Book Kindle Cover Tutorial

I made this Kindle cover using a hardcover book today and I think I'm done making Kindle covers after I make one more of these for myself but I can't guarantee that.  My son Justin brought me a rather incredible book from the McGill University library and asked me to use it to make his cover.

I am so jealous, it's gorgeous and old and worn and has that ancient book smell - everything you want in a book. It was in the We Don't Want These Anymore pile, so no Important Books Of Higher Learning were slayed to make this cover but I will admit that I still think it's sacrilegious to destroy books even when they're going to be used to, well - read books.

I don't know if you can tell from the photos, but this cover is embossed with some nice design detail.  My stomach lurched thinking about carving away at such an old and pretty volume but hey, I'm not the one who invented e-readers that are on the slippery side and in danger in falling into the bathtub which compels you to make a book style cover for them .

Anyway, I am really jazzed about how this thing turned out because it exceeded my expectations by at least 83%.

The Kindle looks as though it's larger than the cover in the last shot but it must be a weird angle because as you can tell in other shots, it fits in there perfectly with no edges hanging out.  I am reading A Clockwork Orange for those of you who Need To Know, if words like veck and ittied and plotts didn't give it away, O My Brothers.

See how I did it after the jump.