Monday, 31 March 2014

Burlap Covered Box

                         I crafted this little box for storage today.
It's a simple little project, and here's a brief explanation of how it's done:

Choose your fabric and wrap your box as you would a present. I used a plain ole cardboard box, cutting off the top to create an open box. I used Mod Podge to glue the fabric in place.

I used pegs to keep the fabric in place while it dried, like so.

Embellish with...whatever. I used Mod Podge again to glue the elements in place.  The daisy was crocheted with butcher's  twine.  I found a tutorial with photos here which shows how to crochet daisies and I sort of got addicted to making them in different sizes. See how tiny?!
Look at the horrific mess I make no matter what I am crafting.  Who would think this kind of destruction can happen while making a simple little box?  Me, that's who. I'm impossible.
And there you have it.


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