Thursday, 24 January 2013

Jute Twine Flowers

I made these fast and easy jute twine flowers today.
They can be used for multitude of things like wreaths, gift wrapping and scrapbook embellishments, bunting and more. I made a strand of them to hang on the long narrow window beside my front door. I hung them on this post at the stairway because the sunlight in the foyer wasn't suitable to take a photo
The tutorial to make these flowers can be found here.
I did change one thing from the tutorial to make these. Instead of cutting out circles from cardboard and futzing with her more involved technique, I simply cut a circle out of foam (I used an old flip flop because that's what I had and it's -32 C and I wasn't about to go out and find something else) and eyeballed where the straight pins go instead of being all precise with a ruler and compass and all that noise. Either way will give you the same results, but I promise you - my way is going to save you a mad amount of time.


  1. Those are pretty! What a nice way to re-purpose an old flip-flop. Cool!

  2. Thanks for the short-cut using the flip flops. These flowers could be used in so many different places. Maybe curtain tie-backs?

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    Kathy Shea Mormino

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  4. Now I just love these little flowers! I love jute projects, and I'll be adding these to my to make list ;-)