Monday, 17 December 2012

Indigo House Socks

I saw a pair of diamond cabled house socks in a flyer before Christmas and sort of coveted them, so I’ve developed a pattern to replicate them.  I have knit them in Bernat Satin worsted weight acrylic yarn (don’t judge, ye snobs of yarnage!) because it’s crazy soft and that’s the way I wanted to go, plus wool has been making me itchy this winter. 

I'm sharing the pattern after the cut.

This pattern, as written, will produce  ladies size small to medium socks (US shoe size 6 to 7 ½) and will reach mid shin.  I knit these to be ‘slouchy’ so you may want to start with ribbing at the top instead of the two rows of seed stitch if you want them to stay up.   If you want to adjust the size, bear in mind that unless you end with the last row of the chart, you’re going to have funky-ish looking toes.

I am not a designer, I don't own charting software,  and even though I have tried to be careful, you may find a mistake in this pattern. If you would like to leave a comment pointing out an error, I will fix it.

Materials needed:

Set of 5 4mm dpns or 2 4mm circulars

260 yards of worsted weight yarn

Cable needle

Using 4mm dpns and worsted weight yarn, cast on 52 sts and join in the round

Work 2 rows in seed st.

Divide sts as follows:

Needle 1: 12 sts

Needle 2: 25 sts

Needle 3: 12 sts

Next row: K2tog tbl. = 51 sts

Shift stitches so that 25 stitches remain on needle 2.

                                                                                                                                                                                 Knit Moss st diamond chart A on needle 2 (front of sock)
Knit cable chart B on needles 1 and 3 (back of sock). Note: On back of sock, you will have 26 sts so, you will work two purl stitches at center back,  not the only one as shown on the chart.  This is done for first 26 rows only.  You will knit chart exactly as shown for the rest of the sock by purling those two stitches together later on..

Knit 25 rows following charts.

On row 26 of charts, purl 2 center back stitches together = 50 sts

Knit another full round (26 rows) of chart.

Knit row 1 and 2 of chart

Knit row 3 of chart on front 25 sts only and transfer these sts onto waste yarn.

Heel Flap:

Slip 1, knit 11 sts, k2tog tbl, knit 12

Purl across

*Sl1, k1* repeat  to end

*Purl across

Repeat last two rows until heel flap measures 2 ½ inches.

Shape heel:

Knit your heel of choice. Examples and instructions for different shaped heels can be found here:

Note: Use the instructions for a heel flap based on 48 stitches, as there are no instructions for a sock knit with 50 stitches. 

End heel with a knit row.

Place 25 front sock stitches back on a needle.


Gusset: (Requires use of 5th needle)

Pick up and knit 10 sts along side of heel flap

Knit row 4 on front of sock

Pick up and knit 10 sts along other side of heel flap.

Knit one round following chart on front of sock and knitting in stockinette on sole of sock.

Instep Decreases:

Round 1: Needle 1: Knit to last 3 sts. K2tog. K1.

Needle 2: Knit chart on front of sock.

Needle3: Knit 1, ssk, knit to end of row.

Needle 4: Knit heel sts.

Round 2: Knit chart on front of sock, knit all sts on sole of sock.

Rep last 2 rnds, decreasing until 24 sts remain on sole of sock.

Next round, knit 12 sts, m1, knit 12 sts on sole of sock = 25 sts on sole, 25 sts on front.

Redistribute back sts onto 2 needles.

Continue sock using chart on front of and stockinette on sole until sock is about 2 inches from the end of your toe.   End on row 23, 25, or 1.

Shape toe

*Purl all sts on top of sock, knit all stitches on sole of sock.

Round 1:

Needle 1 (left back of sock): Knit to last 3 sts. K2tog. K1.

Needle 2 (front of sock): K1, ssk,  purl to last 3 sts. K2tog. K1.

Needle 3 (right back of sock): K1, ssk.  Knit to end of needle.

Round 2: purl all stst on front of sock, knit all sts on sole of sock.

Repeat Round 1 and 2 to until 11 stitches remain on front of sock, and 11 sts remain on sole of sock.
Adjust 11 sts  evenly on two needles and kitchener stitch toe.     


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