Sunday, 11 November 2012

Hanging Stars

I made this strand of hanging stars for Christmas to the delight and gratitude of my cats who will no doubt shred them the second I turn my back, even though I made them their very own catnip filled stars which they promptly ignored.

This is a very quick and very easy project, and I'm placing a tutorial under the cut.

I used a medium weight cotton fabric which frays easily so that the stars become shabby over time.

Draw out a star and cut two of as many as you would like to be on your strand.

 Put a little bit of stuffing on the bottom layer. It doesn't need to fill up the points of the star, you're just going for a bit of body.
 Making sure the top layer matches the bottom one exactly, sew very closely along the seam line, making sure the stuffing stays in the center.
Don't worry if they aren't sewn perfectly, tell everyone you did that on purpose for a 'rustic' look.
I used sturdy 'coat button' thread to stitch the stars together because I have cats.  Who am I kidding, they're going to destroy this thing in a hot minute anyway.
 I stitched them together with one long continuous thread by pushing the needle though the center of the stars and tacking the thread top and bottom.
You are now ready to go hang them and weep if you have cats in your house.


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